pub extern crate libc;


Implement GNU-style backup functionality.

Get password/group file entry

All utils return exit with an exit code. Usually, the following scheme is used:

Set of functions to manage files and symlinks

Set of functions to manage file systems

Iterate over lines, including the line ending character(s).

Memo runner of printf Takes a format string and arguments

Set of functions to parse modes

Custom panic hooks that allow silencing certain types of errors.

Parsing a glob Pattern from a string.

Parsing a duration from a string.

Common functions to manage permissions

Set of functions to manage IDs

A fixed-size ring buffer.

Aims to provide platform-independent methods to obtain login records


Display an error and std::process::exit

Unwrap a std::result::Result, crashing instead of panicking.

Reads a section from a file of the util as a str literal.

Get the usage from the “Usage” section in the help file.

Display a crate::error::UError and set global exit code.

Show an error to stderr in a similar style to GNU coreutils.

Display an error and set global exit code in error case.

Print a warning message to stderr.

Shorthand to construct UIoError-instances.



Derive the complete execution phrase for “usage”.

Generate the usage string for clap.

Derive the utility name.

Attribute Macros